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Satya Combo Incense Sticks

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Each box contains 8g of Satya Nag Champa incense sticks and 8g of Satya Chosen scent incense sticks in one mixed combination box. Satya incense is made using the highest quality ingredients and each stick is handrolled in India using artisanal methods passed down from generation to generation. From the Combo Series.

With over 32 scents to choose from!

  • Satya Nag Champa Combo Pack 1 x 16gm
  • Each Pack contains Two Amazing Scents - 8gm of the famous Satya Nag Champa as well as 8gm of another from their fabulous collection
  • The Satya Nag Champa Collection is one of the most famous brands of incense in the world and is traditionally made from a sandalwood base to which are added a variety of oils
  • Each 16gm pack contains around 12 - 16 incense sticks (determined by weight)
  • Made in India by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya LLP, Each stick burns for 40 min approx