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Pre Order Mystery Skeledragon Halloween Edition

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This is a pre order ! 
No dragons will be shipped before 30th October!

This is a pre order for one mystery Skeledragon! 

You will receive One Skeledragon 

Each skeledragon is handmade and one of a kind, they come with their own birthdate and name too!

These dragons are well known for they skeletal appearance! Some even glow in the dark!
Each dragon will vary in colours too! 
anything from orange, Black, purple, white or green! just perfect Halloween colours!
These dragons just love all things Halloween !


Each dragon is handmade one of a kind and not suitable for children due to natural of materials used and small parts.

Each dragon will vary in size due to being made by hand. 

They measure apox  3/5 inches in length and about 1inch in hight.

Each one will be wrapped and packaged in bubbled wrap and boxed.

please allow up to a week after items have been shipped to arrive. If there’s any issues please just email or contact us via the Facebook page.