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Polished Snow Quartz Tumblestone Crystal

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You will received 1x Snow Quartz tumblestone stone picked out at random
Stones vary in size and colour, 
Size varies from 1 - 3 cm

The white or icy-looking appearance of this crystal symbolizes innocence and clarity. This may also help you in seeing the world through bright and clear eyes, and it’ll allow you in seeing all the wonders, which this universe may give you readily.

This is also a crystal, which may activate your won crown chakra, and may aid in connecting you with your own higher self, as well as with your spirit guides. More than that, wearing or having this in the environment may assist in dispelling the negative thoughts and emotions.

Moreover, this stone may also help you in gaining a more powerful and positive perspective. Just like any other types of quartz, this may easily be programmed, and it may hold on to this program for a long period of time. This is what makes it a great crystal to utilize when it comes to metaphysical purposes.