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Death Note : Ryuk Figure

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Ah, Ryuk. Of all the apple-crazed Shinigami that have achieved mega-fame, he has to be top 5… at least. And now he’s got another straggly black feather in his cap. He’s been made into a collectible. To be more specific, he’s been made into this Death Note Ryuk Figurine!

With the dead-eyed, toothy grin of a toddler that had to pose too long for a photo, we didn’t think Ryuk was going to be such a character. But we’ll be darned if he didn’t win us over with his taste for apples… and chaos.

This figure is posed practicing yoga on a skull/rock/thing. With his wings stretched out above him, we think he’s doing downward (death) god. Other than that, Light’s partner in crime is dressed like he’s going to a death metal fest.

At first glance, people thing Ryuk is as bad as his posture. But, he’s actually as harmless as a paddling pool full of puppies. That actually sounds like a great addition to your home. But, in case the yapping puts you off, we say order this Death Note Ryuk Figurine instead!